Geothermal technology – Gas detection – Water sources detection – Minerals and mining – Soil pollution detection


TDD specializes in deep detection technology. Unveiling what the earth beholds is one of its first and most obvious applications, but there are solutions for many fields.

Our company is dedicated to provide the means to implement attainable and sustainable sources of energy, mineral discovery, water reserves, geothermal resources, and coastal monitoring for all entities who seek accessibility for these vital objectives. We are committed to these endeavors by applying the fruits of our decades-long efforts to refine the natural occurrence of the earth’s electro-magnetic response to continuous lightning and solar storms that constantly occur: this has been made possible by our innovative and proprietary techniques in our key core product that is derived and represents a newly refined version of magneto-tellurics utilizing the ultra-low frequencies flowing through host subsurface bedrock. TDD has also deployed our systems for location of buried and migrated water and geothermal deposits with an enviable reputation for accuracy and successful characterization and quantification. Our team consists of renown scientists, technologists, business entities and experienced people possessing vast and multidisciplinary experience in both academic and industrial arenas. Our activities also embrace coastal monitoring of ports and seaways as well as the location of base and precious metallic deposits, energy minerals, oil and gas, rare earths, gem-bearing veins, and industrial minerals. We even have embarked on providing the means for evaluation of both terrestrial and planetary environments as well as some newly developed applications in the area of biotechnology.